What Is Mindful Sex?

The focus on mindfulness has grown rapidly. From meditation to journalling, people are practicing mindfulness more and more. But what does mindfulness mean when it comes to sex? Mindful sex is about being physically and emotionally present the whole time. In this article, we explain how to practice mindful sex, from the small changes out of the bedroom to getting into the zone in the sheets. It’s a lot easier than you may think.



The quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.



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How To Practice Mindful Sex

Mindful sex is a great because it has the capacity to reset the body and better activates the senses. It can encourage greater trust, intimacy and satisfaction but we get that sometimes it’s hard to know how to practice mindfulness. These six steps will allow you to feel more comfortable and be more present with your partner, as well as help you start getting out of your head and into the mood.

1. Practice Mindfulness Everyday

Firstly, if you want to experience mindful sex, you have to experience mindfulness regularly and make it a part your daily habit. Practicing small mindful activities frequently can allow you to explore mindfulness in different situations. This will eventually show itself in the bedroom and lead to more connected experiences.

2. Let That Sh*t Go

Before you get in the mood, make sure your mind is clear and you don't have any negative thoughts creeping up on you. In order to experience mindful sex, you need to be present in the moment. Any distracting thoughts, no matter how minor, prevent this. Try practicing a few breathing exercises before to quiet any unwelcome thoughts and focus on the present moment

3. Talk About Mindfulness

Although mindfulness is an individual experience, sex often has multiple participants. Talking to your partner(s) and being open about what you want to experience, feel and what you enjoy is essential to being emotionally and physically connected . Plus it can make both you and your partner(s) more comfortable with each other and willing to explore new pleasures

4. Take It Slow

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a spontaneous quickie once in a while. But for mindfulness sex you need the time and space to be present in the moment. If you’re already feeling pressure from your mind, added pressure from time isn't going to make it more satisfying. It isn't always easy to get into the mindfulness zone so give yourself the space to take your time and build intimacy

5. Pay Attention To Your Senses

A common way to practice mindful sex is to focus on one sense at a time. It doesn’t matter what sense you focus on first. But gradually move through them, allowing yourself to be in the moment and enhance physical pleasure. Start with gentle touch, smell and build up to sensory experience. Why not start from toe to head, taking time to engage with each part of the body before getting started.

6. Get To Know What You Like

One of the best ways to practice mindful sex is to do it alone. Explore your body. Get to know what you like, don't like and are willing to try. Whether it’s a new vibrator or trying a new lubricant. The more you understand your body, the easier mindful sex will be.

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