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We recently found out that women can have up to 11 types of different orgasms but, in order to set a fair balance, we're also looking into the male orgasm. How many types of orgasms can men have? What are they? Can men have multiple orgasms? Here's everything broken down, the male orgasm way.


Refractory period

The refractory period is the period of 'down time' after sex when you're less sexually responsive. This varies per person.



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Google 'how many orgasms can men have' on the web and you'll find a lot, and I mean A LOT, of contradictory advice. From 3 to 7 to 14, many articles seem to have plucked a number out of thin air and claimed men orgasm in that many ways. We've gone through them all and we've got the ones for you that matter the most.

The Ejaculatory Orgasm

The most common by far, this orgasm comes down to your penis releasing semen. This can happen during sex by vaginal, oral and anal stimulation, or when you masturbate. Physical and psychological factors play into this orgasm, so it takes concentration as well as pleasurable stimulation. 

The Retrograde Orgasm

This type of orgasm is less common and could require medical attention if it happens frequently, so it's worth drawing to your attention. A retrograde orgasm occurs when you don't release semen. The muscle near the neck of your bladder fails to contract during stimulation, meaning you don't release semen through your urethra and it goes to the bladder instead. You will likely feel satisfied, but little to no semen is released. You might notice that your urine after sex is slightly cloudy, seeing as the semen left in the bladder is released upon urinating. Retrograde orgasms can affect fertility, so speak to the doctor if it happens fairly often or if you're trying to conceive. 

The Pelvic Orgasm

Engaging the pelvic floor, this type of orgasm is a more intense, full-body experience that an ejaculatory orgasm. It's usually achieved through edging, a technique that involves stimulating the sex organs to the point of climax, but stopping just before release. The more cycles of edging you complete, the more blood rushes to your pelvic region, engaging it upon orgasm. 

The Prostate Orgasm

The p-spot, as it's often known, is the male equivalent to the g-spot, as it's located inside the body. The prostate gland, a small gland at the base of your bladder, feels pleasurable when touched, and can be accessed through the anus. The p-spot is very sensitive so it can be stimulated to orgasm very easily, either with fingers, a penis or a vibrator (and lube of course!). A lot of men find that when pressure is applied to the prostate either directly or indirectly, this is enough to reach orgasm without penile stimulation. 

The Blended Orgasm

The name will give you a hint; this orgasm combines two orgasms and involves stimulation of both the p-spot and the penis. For the most intense orgasm of your life…this one is for you.

The Coregasm

As women can have coregasms, so can men. They're rare, but occur when the abdominal muscles contract intensely during exercise and result in something that feels very similar to a prostate orgasm rather than an ejaculatory orgasm. 

The Tantric Orgasm

Often included on lists of types of male orgasms as the 'breath orgasm', this orgasm involves your energy, focusing on combining your body, heart and mind to achieve orgasm. Whilst it's not common to orgasm without ejaculating as a man, this type of orgasm can be better thought of as a way to engage your body and mind more closely during sex so that you feel your climax more acutely. Read more about how to have tantric sex here.

The Multiple Orgasm

Yes, men can have multiple orgasms too! And there's no reason you shouldn't try it! For those with a penis, it's only made slightly trickier by the fact that upon ejaculation, the male brain becomes unresponsive to sexual stimulation. There are, however, techniques to get round it.

How to orgasm using the NEMO method

The NEMO method (or non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms) refers to the first step of the male orgasm. Male orgasms occur in two stages - orgasm and emission. Using a careful technique, it's possible to give yourself multiple orgasms before actually ejaculating. The orgasm happens about 2-7 seconds before ejaculation so you've got to be quick. They're usually less intense than an ejaculatory orgasm, but having multiple in succession can be highly pleasurable.

To achieve a multiple orgasm this way, it's all about controlling your pelvic floor muscles. The muscle stretching from the pubic bone to the tailbone controls ejaculation and because of this, learning to strengthen it using pelvic floor exercises and kegels can help you stop ejaculating after an orgasm if you want to.

How to have multiple orgasms when masturbating

The key to having multiple orgasms as a man is in knowing your point of no return and knowing your boundary. When you find this, ensuring an orgasm without ejaculation is easier. When masturbating, many men find it helpful to bring themselves to the brink of climax and then prevent ejaculation by squeezing the tip of the penis, for example. Add more control over your next solo session with our Solo Cream.

How to have multiple orgasms using the prostate method

By stimulating the prostate and then the penis, men can achieve multiple orgasms, particularly as many men find they are still hard after a prostate orgasm or don't get hard during a prostate orgasm so can get hard after. To use this technique, you can stimulate both at the same time and then use your prostate to push you over the edge of climax. The more you do this, you'll find you can have more prostate orgasms and ejaculatory orgasms too, as the penis is often still responsive to sexual stimulation. Voila!

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