What makes a great lube

Having spent years formulating bespoke front and back formulas, at Roam we’re biased: we think our lubes are the best! However, this article summarises the things to look out for when buying lubes.


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It’s all about preference, so here are the main markers of a good lube, and what we recommend folks look for: 

  • It should be water based, especially if you are using condoms and toys. Some lubes are oil based, but these can be more irritating to sensitive areas, and they are not safe to use with condoms. Some lubes are silicone-based, and while this is great for condom-free shower sex, that’s about it. Silicone-based lubes create build-up on silicone toys, and can disintegrate condoms, causing them to tear. So we always recommend water-based, for the most hassle free and silky experience. (Try our water-based lubes here!)

  • It should be pH balanced. No lube should affect the natural pH of any area it’s being used on. Our intimate areas are naturally pH balanced, and we want to keep it that way. Using products that disrupt your balance (e.g., artificially flavoured lubricants containing fructose – sugar – can cause overgrowth of bacteria, leading to yeast infections or UTIs).

  • It should feel real. The best lubricants should feel like your natural wetness, in a bottle. Anything that stings, burns, or itches is a no-go zone. If you do have this experience, wash it off immediately with warm water, and if uncomfortable sensations persist, visit a GP or sexual health clinic. 

  • Scents or tastes, if included at all, should all be natural. It’s especially important that there is nothing in the lubricant with any sugar, or sugar-based compounds in, as previously mentioned, this can lead to infections. 

  • It should last. Good quality lubes should not be something you have to keep reapplying. Once at the start -- or perhaps twice if it’s a longer session -- should keep you going (at least that’s what our Roam lubes do). Equally, if you find a lube that you love, there’s nothing wrong with topping up for maximum slippage!

  • Ideally, our sex care products should be good for the planet. Recyclable packaging and natural ingredients are a must (we think). 

All of our lubes fit the above checklist, and it’s what we had in mind when we developed them. A bonus is that the packaging is discreet, with square edges and braille – so completely accessible, and perfect to keep on your bedside table!

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