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I really struggle to climax when having sex with my partner but when I use a vibrator I always seem to be able to get there. Does it mean that I'm broken and I'll never experience intimacy?

ROAM CUSTOMERWhat you asked

You absolutely aren't broken. This is incredibly common. Over 50% of women find it hard to orgasm through penetrative sex. Intimacy is different for everyone and that's ok. Many couples find pleasure in using a vibrator during penetrative sex. This isn't a surrogate for your partner but a way to heighten experience for both of you. We'd love to hear from you if you decide to give it a go.

LynnResident Sex Expert

I've tried anal sex once before with my boyfriend and it was super uncomfortable. He keeps asking me to bottom but I just can't figure it out. What do you recommend?

ROAM CUSTOMERWhat you asked

Anal sex is fun, but despite the myths, it is not easy! Our suggestion - start slow and work your way up - should you want to try at all. Our top tip, take a bath, get relaxed and start with an anal plug. Slowly edge it inside with the help of lots of lube, when it feels uncomfortable stop, gently take it out and try again. The first dip in is always the most uncomfortable. Each time the anal muscles loosen and the discomfort dissipates. On try 3 or 4, it will start feeling normal and even pleasurable. Keep trying till you're ready to try with your partner. Remember if it's not for you that's also fine too.

LynnResident Sex Expert

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