Roam x Brook: The Work We're Doing

For the launch of our skin tone condoms, we’re partnering with Brook, one of the UK’s leading sexual health charities, to give back one condom for every condom sold to communities with less access to sexual healthcare. Here’s everything you need to know.


Skin tone condoms

Condoms that are tinted to reflect a person's skin tone.


Who are Brook?

Founded by Helen Brook in 1964, Brook began as a charity which empowered unmarried women to take control of their sexual health at a time when it was deemed controversial. Despite facing opposition which was determined by the stigmas controlling conversation, Brook fought on, becoming a national charity supporting people with their sexual health and wellbeing. Brook offers a range of services, physical, digital and educational, to support people in living healthy lives. They provide high quality and holistic sexual health and wellbeing services, including frontline services, education, training and advocacy. Brook fights for everyone’s right to safe, confidential, accessible healthcare, no matter who they are. They challenge stigma, amplify voices and provide lifelong support so that meets the diverse needs of our communities.

Our shared mission

Roam and Brook have a common goal to fight stigma and provide better and more accessible sexual healthcare for everyone. There have been some improvements in recent times, but there are still huge obstacles to overcome to reach a world in which everyone is comfortable having and talking about sex. Over the last eight years, two thirds of local authorities in England have cut their spending on sexual and reproductive health, and contraception budgets have been halved. We witness poorer health outcomes with these disparities and inequality. Roam and Brook are both aligned in fighting for healthier and more enjoyable sex lives for all.

How are Roam and Brook working together?

In collaboration with the launch of Skin Tone condoms, Roam and Brook are partnering to give one condom back for every condom sold. For every Skin Tone Condom sold, Roam will donate one condom to Brook. In line with Brook's commitment to deliver high quality, inclusive sexual health and wellbeing services, the condoms will be distributed by Brook’s team of experts (including educators, clinicians and outreach specialists) in community settings in England. 

Initially, the condoms will be distributed through Brook’s partnership contract in LBs Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham which works predominantly with communities who are at risk of poor sexual health outcomes, including Black African, Carribean and other minority ethnic communities. In 2022/23 65% of Brook’s clinical clients from were from the top 40% of the most deprived communities in England.

Through their network of clinics, pharmacies and shelters, Brook’s Community Champions will include skin tone condoms in the work they do, improving accessibility to sexual healthcare and offering an alternative option to Original Latex condoms. 

Our vision

We see a world in which everyone feels comfortable buying sexual healthcare, knows how to use sexual healthcare properly and is happy in their own sexuality. Through our work together, we hope to give people who have difficulty buying condoms, for whatever reason, a better option and allow more people than ever to access trustworthy sex care that is for everyone. 

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