What does your sex dream say about you?

Picture the scene: you've been having a lot of sex dreams lately, and you’ve been freaking out about them. Don’t panic. You’re not some debauched, sex-crazed maniac. Sex is fun and natural, both in reality and in the dream-world. When dreaming, it can take different forms, though. The good news is that this is a golden opportunity to learn more about yourself. So, what does your sex dream say about you?


Wet dream

Wet dreams are a release of sexual tension and desire during sleep, sometimes resulting in ejaculation.


Most of the time sex dreams aren’t as much about sex as they are about the person we’re having (dream) sex with, and what they represent in our everyday lives. For example, if it’s:

1)     Your boss

You want to quit. Or you want a promotion. Or the coffee machine is broken and he’s ignoring your emails about it. Ugh, why is he so dismissive? And so devastatingly sexy in that maroon tie with the little golf clubs on it. Wait. Do you fancy your boss?  No, it’s just a dream, and you do want a promotion.

2)     Your best friend’s mum

She used to bring you sandwiches to the trampoline when you were a kid. It feels creepy to think about her like that. She does make a mean sandwich, though, and a delicious Sunday roast. Wow, you’re hungry. It’s been so long since someone cooked you a hot meal so lovingly. It’s been so long since someone hugged you lovingly, in fact. Yeah, this isn’t about sex. You need some spoiling, some intimacy, some maternal TLC. Buy a JellyCat bunny.

3)     Your local Starbucks barista

Stop right there. A venti iced oat milk latte would really hit the spot right now.

4)     Your crush

Then, duh. You’re really sexually attracted to them. You think about them all the time, and they looked incredible last time you bumped into them. Really…fresh, you know? Maybe you’ll ask them for their skincare routine as a way in. Would that be weird? Nah. Go for it. They’re spending half their wages on that exfoliant. They probably want someone to ask.

5)     A BDSM threesome

Hm. Are you sure? You’re not normally into that sort of thing. But you and your partner have been keeping it pretty vanilla for a while now. Where’s that zest? That passion? That fire? Have you lost it? Temporarily, maybe, but you can get it back. Okay, something like this is too extreme for you. Instead, incorporate some extended foreplay, maybe even tantric sex, or a sensual massage, or a couple’s bubble-bath. Start the conversation and text them now.

6)     Your Ex

This is probably more significant than the Starbucks barista. Your ex played a huge role in your life. Maybe you miss them, or maybe the whole ‘boring sex’ debacle has caused them to crop up in your thoughts again. They were very good with their hands… But remember. People come in and out of our lives for a reason.

It’s important to remember that sex dreams are figurative rather than literal representations of your thoughts and desires. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the good, old-fashioned wet dream, to a mid-afternoon-snooze-turned-steamy-roll-in-the-sheets. More often than not, they simply communicate the general (and potentially mundane) preoccupations on your mind at any given time. The psyche cooks up all kinds of weird and wonderful images and scenarios, so applying logic isn’t always fruitful. It’ll all be clearer in the morning.

Sweet dreams!

The Roam team x

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