Debunking 5 Classic Anal Sex Myths

Myths about anal sex are everywhere. Make sure you’re clued up and aren’t missing out.


Anal sex

Anal sex is where a man's penis enters the anus of his partner (of any gender).


It’s Going To Hurt

Anal sex shouldn’t be painful but can be when not adequately relaxed or aroused. If anal sex is new to you and feels scary, give yourself time to acclimatise to the sensation (it will feel new). A good place to start is by using anal plugs or a prostate massager on your own or with a partner(s) to get used to the sensation. When it comes to anal sex, making sure you’re turned on and completely in the mood and ready for it is key. Relaxed anal muscles make penetration way easier and will enable easier more comfortable penetration. In the case of anal sex more lube is more, lather up, top up regularly and take your time. If it hurts remember to take it out and reset in order to build up your confidence.

No Condoms Needed... right?

No. As with all unprotected sex there is a risk of transmitting STD’s and HIV. In order to protect yourself and your partner(s), it’s important to wear a condom every time. The good news is that Condoms can help make anal sex easier by reducing friction. This along with lube is the perfect combo for a good time.

It’s going to get dirty

Well, it depends on your meaning of the word. But in terms of it getting physically dirty, we can’t say it won’t. Most human waste stays in the lower intestines, where most sex toys, fingers or penises can’t reach. Your rectum contains only a small amount of waste so if you’re worried about the mess we recommend using a condom during sex and washing your rectum with water beforehand.

Anal sex isn’t pleasurable for women

Wrong. The anus is very sensitive and has many nerves and blood vessels, therefore making anal sex/play very pleasurable for many women.

Anal sex permanently stretches anal muscles

We’re glad to say this is false. Our anal tissue is elastic and the muscles are strong, so being permanently stretched won’t be an issue.

Anal Sex Tips

Use Natural Lube For Anal Sex

It’s important to know that the body produces very little natural lubricant in the anus. For comfortable anal sex it's important to supplement with an intimate lubricant every time.

Our lubricant for the back has been thoughtfully developed for anal sex, outercourse and self-love but can be used for any sexual activity. We don’t get hung up on what or where, if it feels good you’re doing it right.

Latex Condoms For Anal Sex

As mentioned above, condoms are great for making anal sex go a little smoother.They’re also essential to preventing the transmission of STDs. Try 100% latex condoms for optimal protection.

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