How to give a sensual & sexy massage

As human beings, we rely heavily on non-verbal communication to tell people how we feel. Massage, therefore, is a particularly intimate form of touch, exposing some of the most sensitive parts of yourself to someone else's touch. It can help convey how much we love someone and turn them on in the process. Here's how to give the sexiest massage ever.


Pressure points

Pressure points are parts of the body that reflect the acupressure points according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are meant to release tense and improve blood flow.


The science behind massage

Massage is, of course, amazing for relieving muscle tension and physical pain, as has been proven by research and as you'll know if you've had a massage yourself. But it's also great for connecting more closely with your partner. Touch releases oxytocin, a hormone that helps to promote feelings of love and attachment. If you're looking for ways to strengthen your connection to your partner, a sexy massage is the answer!

Get in the mood

Light some candles so there's a bit of romance and check to make sure the room is warm, so that your partner isn't too cold. Giving a dry massage isn't ideal, as it can make the feeling of your hands on your partner's skin very uncomfortable. We'd recommend using our Massage Oil, as it is long lasting and has a luxurious smell. If you don't have any to hand, a lotion or similar oil will do. Warm up the oil in your hands first and then you're ready to begin!

Start lightly

Whether you're massaging your partner's back, feet or legs, there are a few classic techniques that will make them feel good, and in turn, make you feel good too.

The beginning of your massage should be intentional and linger over your partner's skin. Starting with lighter touches heightens their senses immediately, making the entire massage all the more pleasurable. Run your fingertips lightly down your partner's back, graze their hairline, or gently drag your fingernails over the backs of their arms to send shivers down their spine.

Let's get serious

Begin by using your thumbs to knead their skin, starting off slowly and gently and building up speed and pressure as you go. Smooth your thumbs over their muscles and push them away from you, creating a rolling sensation that will release tension. Be careful not to press too hard, but a firm touch is intentional and will make your partner feel safe and protected, as well as pushing the right buttons when it comes to muscle depth. Listen and tell them to let you know what feels especially good - you'll find their pressure points more easily. 

Make it easy

You've got the basics of a massage down, and now it's time to make sure you're really making your partner feel something. First, decide on what to wear, whether that's sexy underwear or nothing at all, before getting into the prime position to tease your partner. Perhaps you choose to straddle them, or lean over them from the front, or maybe you kneel down behind them to that your breath tickles their neck. Touch is key in a sensual massage, so make sure you alternate between gentle, teasing caresses and firm, controlled strokes. They'll like that you're in charge.

Sexy massages are the perfect time to get blindfolds or ties involved, if you're comfortable, and incorporate some kissing and nibbling as the massage progresses. You can even lead into eating food off of your partner's body if the mood takes you…Keep the energy sensual and see where the good vibes lead you.

Happy massaging!

The Roam Team x

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