Shaken to the core: breaking down the coregasm

The phrase 'coregasm' has recently been going round on social media in waves. Ever wondered what it is and how to have one? You've come to the right place.



An orgasm triggered by strenuous exercise, usually of the core muscles and abdominals.


What is a coregasm?

A coregasm is exactly what it sounds like – an orgasm triggered by strenuous exercise, particularly exercise of the core muscles.

The important distinction between a coregasm and the standard orgasm is that coregasms don’t necessarily happen as a result of sexual arousal or stimulation; they are usually purely physical and often unexpected. And while the exact physiology isn’t exactly clear, stimulation of the abdominal and core muscles is the suspected culprit.

What does it feel like?

As with any orgasm, each person experiences them slightly differently in terms of feeling and intensity. On the whole, though, women equate the feeling to vaginal penetration, and note little to no sensation in the clitoris. Plus, the coregasm is a traveller, journeying first from the core before reaching the genitals and lower body.

Men’s experience is more akin to a prostate orgasm. For people with penises, the coregasm can last for longer and feel more powerful, which sounds like territory worth venturing into.

How common are they?

They’re a lot more common than you may think. Roughly 10% of people have had a coregasm at least once in their lives, and some people can make it happen pretty much on demand.

Ok, so how do I have one?

If you’re keen to experience a coregasm, work out your abs! But push yourself: we’re not talking a few crunches. They happen as a result of strenuous exercise, so max out for best results. Some exercises that have been toted to guarantee the best results are crunches, leg lifts, hanging exercises and planks.

So get a yoga mat down, crank on some Frank Ocean, and bust out the bicycle crunches. DO try this at home (and nowhere else).

And if you’re really committing, going for a run before you work out increases the chances of having a coregasm. But this goes for all sexual activity: raising your heart rate and speeding up your breathing takes you a step of the way there before the deed itself has begun.

If you want to experience the coregasm with a partner, do a couples’ workout and tap into the adrenaline to spur each other on.

Are they bad for you?

Coregasms are not at all physically bad for you: they’re not painful and they’re not an injury, but they can be inconvenient. Orgasms are great, but pretty weird to experience when you’re mid leg-raise in a crowded gym.

Given their potential unpredictability, it can be difficult to navigate having a coregasm in a public place. Our advice is to quietly excuse yourself to the bathroom if you need to clean up, or just carry on your training with a big smile.

Let's not forget the plus side!

The benefits are simple and sweet. Orgasming is fun and healthy, and a coregasm is a new way to do it! Plus, introducing the coregasm to your relationship can expand your sex life and build more sexual intimacy with a partner. If that’s not your bag, it works when you’re alone, too.

However inconvenient, coregasms contribute to a wider definition of sexual pleasure, and expanding your horizons is never a bad idea.

With love and lube,

The Roam Team x

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