Why did we create Roam?

People always ask us "How did you end up with the mission to reinvent Sex Care?" Here's the truth on Roam, written by us!



The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.


How it started

In 2019 I (Alex) went into my local beauty retailer to buy a lubricant. I'd run out, and was now faced with a sea of bright blue, dildo-shaped lubes. Lovely. I felt awkward standing there looking at the shelf, and was dreading taking a cock-shaped lube to the till. I didn't trust that it was the right thing for my body, or my sexuality...But the truth is I did buy it. I had no choice, because there was no alternative.

That felt wrong.

What happened next

The following week I met Ben for a beer and we got chatting. Incidentally his girlfriend had had a similar experience buying condoms the previous week.

It was clear, this experience should be better for everyone regardless of their needs.

But we needed to dig deeper.

So we spoke with folks of all gender and sexual identities across the country and everyone said the same thing. "Shopping for sex is awful".

Cue our lightbulb moment!💡

But why?

Big brands have profited by keeping new disruptive brands out. This is great for big brands but less great for people like you and me whose needs are varied, unique and multifaceted.

Condoms should fit in a box but people shouldn't.

So, we started Roam. It was created to support the unique needs of people, with all-natural formulas, and eco-friendly packaging you can be proud to buy and use. It is for everyone, however you get down.

What we did next...

  • Research and Skincare for down there 🔬

    We went away and spent 18m developing the best lubricants we could possibly develop. We found the best female skincare laboratorist who developed bespoke, personalised formulas inspired by skincare. We stand by these formulas as the best products out there. They have never been seen before, and are made specifically for usage area - for the very first time.

  • We also found the worlds leading condom manufacturer and worked with them to bring 40% less plastic condoms to consumers. Our condoms are available in the UK in 3 different sizes. If you wouldn't wear the wrong size shoe, why would you wear the wrong sized condom?

What we learnt from experts...

  • Usage Area

    Usage area defines how well lubricant formulas can work. So using the same product everywhere just isn't the way to go. To explain, there is very little natural lubricity in the anus, and the skin walls are much more prone to tearing or micro issues. This means a lubricant intended for vaginal sex isn't the best product to use in the back. On the flip side, the vagina is much more sensitive to PH balance and the natural lubricity fluctuates as hormones do - throughout the menstrual and life cycles. We wanted to create a lube that felt like "natural wetness" so with the help of the women in our team, that's exactly what we did.

Benefits of Roam

  • Roam products are carefully developed so you can enjoy everything sex has to offer, with comfort and confidence.

  • Sex has the unrivalled ability to release dopamine and oxytocin into the blood stream, giving you a natural high. Roam products make sex more comfortable.

  • Better sex drives the desire for more sex. With Roam's non-sticky lube, you can go again.

  • Roam's products look beautiful, and can be kept on your bedside table. With the visual cue, sex can become more regular: helping boost libido and energy.

  • Roam products help to increase comfort in sexual exploration, alone, or with partner(s).

  • Roam place an emphasis on exploration, helping you have better sex. Good sex has far reaching benefits on cognitive function and mental health.

  • Roam products were developed with people, pleasure, and planet in mind, with 40% less plastic than competitors.

  • Proven and safe - our condoms are triple electronically tested.

  • CE & ISO 4074 certified Condoms

  • Dermatologically Tested Lubricants

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