We researched what people thought about Valentine’s Day and here’s what we found out

Here at Roam, engaging with our community (you!) on a variety of topics is very important. These interactions help us understand sexual wellness, relationships and culture better, and always lead to some interesting insights. Last week, we wanted to find out what you really thought about Valentine’s Day and asked our newsletter subscribers complete a Valentine's Quiz. Here are the findings…


Valentine's Day

The feast of Saint Valentine, celebrated every year on February the 14th, where people across the world celebrate love, friendship and romance.



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Do we need to rethink Valentine's Day?

We all know the feeling of dread that comes when you aren’t in a long-term relationship and mid-February begins to roll around. The stereotype of Valentine’s Day is that it’s all about being with your significant other and that, if you don’t have that…well, you might as well put that bunch of roses in the bin. Our polls found that just under half of you thought that V-day is important, whilst the other half were slightly less fussed. So maybe it’s time to do away with all the misconceptions and hype about the day in question and see it instead as an opportunity to give yourself and the people around you some much-needed love, care and attention this year. It’s not always just about buying your partner a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates. Perhaps, it’s about slowing down and connecting with each other or with yourself. That’s why, at Roam, we’ve got you covered with gifts for yourself, your best friend and your partner, just in case.

If there's ever a time to splash out, it's this Valentine's

When asked whether you spent money on Valentine’s gifts, over two thirds gave a resounding yes! Any excuse to treat yourself or someone else, we say. We found that the average spend this Valentine’s day is going to be £50, perfect for buying somebody a real treat. Here’s our suggestions of gifts under £50 to give them something special. If you’re looking for something to blow their socks off, the All-Night-Long kit has you covered.

Flowers, food and lube

This February, we got quite a few suggestions of gifts to buy on the 14th! Flowers (red roses are still a firm favourite) came out on top. Chocolate (a classic) is another favourite. And guess what topped the list amongst these classics?… LubeGuaranteed to make everyone 50% more likely to orgasm, it really is a no-brainer to add to the wishlist this V-day! Our suggestion would be to amp it up this year with a bit more flavour

It's all about the romantic dinner

We asked people what you got up to on Valentine’s night, and amongst some more exotic answers, we found that the most popular was having a romantic dinner, whether that was out on a date night, or staying in and cooking a nice meal. In fact, over two-thirds of you said you’ll be cooking up a storm with their loved one in the kitchen this year. For those celebrating alone or with friends, popular choices included going out for drinks, staying in bed and…having a bit of fun by themselves. 

Valentine's Day will always be about romance and sex

And, to trump it all, we asked what Valentine’s Day was about for most people, and it’s still firmly about romance and sex. So, despite February the 14th losing its shine for some, it’s still about the two sexiest elements of love. Our takeaway from it all? Forget all the stereotypes and expectations of what you have to do this Valentine’s Day. Instead, spend it with those you love, celebrate the people around you, and treat yourself (and that special someone if they’re around) to doing something that feels good

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