Spring-Clean Your Sex Life

Spring is well underway; a time for new beginnings, blooming flowers, picnics in the park, and a spring-clean. But this year, dust off your sex life and give it the glow it deserves. Here’s how.


Self love

Self love is having a higher regard for your own wellbeing and happiness and valuing your own needs.



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Re-arrange the furniture: try new positions

This can be very simple. If one of you is usually on top – swap roles. If you enjoy missionary, try bringing one (or both) legs up towards your chest for deeper penetration.

Have fun with it, as well. Look up some wacky sex positions and make your way through the list; it’ll be like couples’ yoga except way more sexually charged (unless your couples’ yoga tends in that direction). In the best-case scenario, you’ll find a position you really like and add it to your repertoire.

Upgrade your cleaning utensils: incorporate sex toys

Try a new sex toy every month until you find something that works for you. Vibrators are a crowd favourite and can be used by all genders (penis vibrators exist), dildos are a great way to stimulate the G-spot, and anal beads or plugs are a fun introduction to anal sex.

Sex toys will introduce you to new sensations and new experiences, and going on a new sexual adventure together will strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Don't clean on your own: start a conversation about sex

Confess a sexual fantasy to your partner or tell them about something you’ve always wanted to try in the bedroom – or outside of it. Ask them questions and get them talking, too. What are their deepest sexual desires? What do they think might take the sex to another level?

It doesn’t have to be directly sexual. Speak generally about how you are both feeling. Sex can be spiced up by going wild, but also by looking deeper and evaluating your mental health. Unhappiness in your daily life leads to unhappiness in sex, so ask the bigger questions!

Dust the lightbulbs: set the mood

Put on some warm mood lighting, get some music on, light a scented candle – really appeal to your senses. Aphrodisiacs such as wine and chocolate (and oysters if you’re feeling bougie) can create an atmosphere as delicious as whatever you’re sipping. Sex doesn’t always have to be dolled up, but it doesn’t always have to be animalistic, either. It can be a luxurious experience if you make it one.

Don't scrimp on the fairy liquid: lube, lube, lube

Simple but life-changing, lube will take your sex life to places it’s never been before. Flavoured lubes can turn oral sex into a sweet treat if you aren’t a fan already. If you’re using condoms during vaginal sex, lube creates a more fluid and natural feeling, as well as simply enhancing pleasure by preventing painful friction.

Lube isn’t solely for vaginal sex. It can be used on sex toys, for fingering, and even just on the erogenous zones to elevate foreplay. (Link to erogenous zones article?)

Take these 5 spring-cleaning tips on board and your sex life will be sweltering hot before summer’s even arrived.

With love (and lube),

The Roam Team

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