What makes a condom vegan and eco-friendly?

‘Oh God! You didn’t use those? The vegan condoms?’ We all remember the famous scene from Bridget Jones’s Baby, where Bridget gets pregnant anyway. What’s not said is that it’s a result of the expiration date of the condoms, which are a decade old, rather than the fact that they’re ‘biodegradable and dolphin-friendly’. Unfortunately, many indulge the myth that if a condom is sustainably produced, it must be ineffective. The opposite couldn’t be more true. With billions of condoms bought and chucked away each year, how many of them are negatively impacting the environment? And what makes a condom vegan and eco-friendly? (Spoiler: ours are both).


Eco-friendly condoms

Condoms that take the planet into consideration in relation to production, usage and disposal. This often involves using natural rubber latex, recycled packaging and cruelty-free ingredients.



It takes a long time for the average condom to biodegrade. We’re talking an estimate of thousands of years, though it takes that long that nobody knows the exact number. This is because most condoms use synthetic latex which isn’t biodegradable. Roam condoms use 100% natural rubber latex - fully biodegradable and vegan. We also pay a sustainability premium, which means that we factor in the additional cost of choosing "green" technologies and materials over fossil-fuel derivatives. The result is the natural rubber latex of the highest quality, rather than cheap and harmful alternatives. Derived from the rubber tree, our condoms are made entirely of renewable material so you can get to doing it (sex) without ruining it (the planet).

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Okay, don’t reuse condoms – but do recycle the packaging! Loads of condom brands use too much packaging while loading up on the plastic. With over 10 billion condoms produced each year, this has a damaging effect on the environment. On the off chance that they are recyclable, it’s usually in a highly specific recycling centre that’s inaccessible to most people. Because of this, when we created our condoms, we focussed on making them easy to recycle. Roam condoms use paper foils that contain up to 50% less plastic than traditional foil material, with outer-packaging made from recycled and recyclable material. If half the plastic doesn’t get you in the mood…what really will?

Vegan and cruelty free

Most condoms will test on animals and use animal products, like casein; a protein found in cow and goat milk which is often added to the latex. Our condoms don’t test on animals nor do they use any animal by-products, so we’re proud to say that we’re 100% vegan and cruelty free. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Skin first

Speaking of feeling good, our condoms are made with natural ingredients, with skincare in mind. Harmful chemicals are often added to condoms and can go on to cause a whole range of health issues. For example, nitrosamines can cause tumour growth, glycerine can trigger yeast infections, and spermicides increase STI risk. With people and the planet in mind, we decided that no stabilisers, preservatives or hardening agents were added to our products and they taste and feel better as a result. This is a multi-sensory sex experience we’re talking about.

Sustainably sourced and manufactured, Roam condoms are better for animals, for the environment, for you and your partner, and for everyone involved in the production process. All we’re saying is: if a Love, Rosie incident occurs, at least it’s not bad for your insides. 

Have fun (and safe sex),

The Roam Team x

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