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Fair rubber condoms

Condoms, like ours, made with 100% natural rubber and fair production standards for works.


Sure, you use a reusable coffee cup and carry your organic cotton grocery tote bag everywhere you go, but is your sex life as eco-friendly as your Hinge profile says you are?

While not a much-discussed aspect of the climate crisis, all our getting down and dirty doesn’t exactly have a clean impact on our beloved Earth. In fact, the sexual wellness industry is estimated to produce an annual 222.9 million tonnes of waste in the UK alone. 

How about we stop screwing the planet, and focus on taking our lovemaking from climate disaster to eco-friendly and climax-happy? Here’s the official Roam guide to sustainability in the bedroom.

Does a greener sex life really make a difference?

The short answer is, yes! Not convinced? Alright, alright, here’s some facts to back it up.

2023 is set to be one of the hottest years on record, and the Met Office forecasts that it will mark the tenth consecutive year of average global temperatures measuring at least 1°C above pre-industrial levels. Non-recyclable waste is a huge contributing factor, and the current annual 11 million metric tons of plastic waste ending up in the ocean could nearly triple by 2040. 

By lowering our plastic consumption, choosing recyclable or recycled products, and only buying from responsible brands with our planet's future at heart, we’re directly helping to reduce such drastic figures. Individual consumer choices are far from insignificant, and taking personal responsibility for ourselves (and our pleasure) is the first step to a happier planet.

What's a sustainability premium?

Here at Roam, we choose to invest in things like fair, ethical sourcing, and designing products you can be proud to buy and use. Like all good things, quality isn’t cheap, but we are committed to both responsible business practices and accessible price points. 

The additional cost of choosing "green" technologies and materials over fossil-fuel derivatives is known as a sustainability premium: for example, we pay a premium for the highest quality fair rubber latex, but we believe it more than pays for itself in the form of a totally eco-guilt-free purchase, don’t you?

Sustainable tips for a sexy-as-hell carbon footprint

There’s a fair share of ridiculous advice on the Internet, but on the topic of bringing sustainability into the bedroom, some of it is just laughable. 

Listen, we’re not here to tell you to have sex in the dark (electricity!), throw away your birth control (plastic!) or abstain from having all the blissful romps you deserve. 

We believe that the road to a sexy-as-hell carbon footprint is paved with choices that are both practical and actually make a difference, and that by buying recycled or recyclable products, you’re protecting yourself and the Earth. 

All Roam products – including our lubes, vibrators and plugs – come in entirely recycled and recyclable packaging, but our condoms really take things to the next level: on top of being made with 100% natural and vegan latex, which makes them fully biodegradable, their foils contain 40% less plastic than traditional condoms and not a drop of nasty chemicals. They’re made using Fair Rubber, which certifies that farmers are fairly compensated, plus, we plant a tree for every order. Oh, and since we don’t test on animals nor use animal by-products, our condoms are both vegan and cruelty free. 

We love natural products because synthetic latex is made of petroleum ––also known as crude oil, a pure fossil fuel–– mixed with additives and chemicals, so it’s nearly impossible to recycle. This means that more than 10 billion condoms produced every year will mostly end up in landfills.

When eco-friendly condoms are more easily accessible than ever, why choose a fossil-fuel-based, non-recyclable product? Remember: do not flush condoms down your toilet, and try to avoid flushing the planet’s future along with your afternoon delight! 

Eco-buzz words to know

Fair Rubber Association

Certifies the use of 100% natural rubber and fair production standards for plantation workers. Look out for this if you’d like to help farmers build a more sustainable future for their families.

Ethical suppliers

Ensures transparency and accountability, so it’s important if you’re committed to ethical sourcing. 

Carbon quota

Measures a business’ greenhouse emissions and carbon impact, so it can be reduced and offset. Demonstrates a real commitment!

B Corp

Certifies high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Next-level effort.  

The Roam TLDR:

Our planet’s future is in danger, and sustainability has never been more of a pressing topic, but you don’t have to let that stop you from having the green ride of your life! Fall in love with entirely guilt-free products, and you’ll see, sustainability has never looked sexier.

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